He tied on a bed
a naked soul
to dispense upon his heart

to whisper upon the world.
What brings him here
to her room,
demanding love?

is this man
who dares wake her
upon her sleep?

// 21 May 2019


Every single day

I am humbled
by the synchronicities I uncover,
the great minds I encounter,
the secrets revealed to me.

What is this irrational

There is nothing here
that is not extraordinary.

// 21 May 2019

The Impossible

All the world over tells us to be afraid
and shuts the voice that says, "Love impossibly."
But perhaps it's worth all the trouble
to try, for love conquers all, eventually.

// 21 May 2019


He built me there
in the soft tissue of his words
having not known who I was
in real life.

// 21 May 2019

A Quiet Remembering

All that I am is a quiet remembering
the way I trace you back with my hands.

// 20 May 2019

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