Just Right

I was right
from the beginning:
you are mine.

I was right
that we are meant:
it feels true.

And when we talk
in sacred spaces:
you feel right.

// 27 Jun 2019

Quarter Moon


Briefly she was gone, only to rise
half-shy against the inky night,
casting her shine upon his nape,
one glimmer at a time, his true shape.


She's here each night and always,
though tonight she is half-gone.
And here she'll stay in solace
be she full or crescent, be she none.


His voice reminds her of home, tender
behind eyes closed and all darkness.
Sweeter than music, slow to surrender,
he is warm substance she's grown fonder.

// 26 Jun 2019

We Are Atom III


New love
is like an atom: it contains
the entire universe.

We are a seed;
we are the forest.

We are a shell;
we are the ocean.

We are a star;
we are the night.


New love
is like an atom: its circles
are ever expanding.

We dare not ask;
it answers all questions.

We dare not attach;
it belongs to everyone.

We dare not possess;
it is given freely.


New love
is like an atom: it defies
the laws of nature.

It does not revenge;
it is forgiving.

It does not react;
it is yielding.

It does not cause;
it is forever.


New love
is like an atom: it cuts through
all boundaries.

It is lawless;
we arrive at but one action.

It is limitless;
our treasures bear no horizon.

It is fearless;
we act with all abandon.


New love
is like an atom: it is this singular

It is this moment
and this moment.

It is all tomorrows
and all yesterdays.

It is this instant;
it is this always.


Part I | Part II | Part III

// 25 Jun 2019

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