Night On The Hills

You asked me how much I love you.
I looked at the nightsky and said,
"Outnumbering the passing stars."

You asked me how much I care.
I glanced at the clouded moon and said,
"If you knew, I'd outshine moonlight."

You asked me how much I missed you.
I looked at your bright eyes and said,
"Yearning against the night, until sunlight."

// 13 Aug 2019


Of all riches in the world
nothing compares
to a true man's worth
than when he respects
a woman.

// 11 Aug 2019

His Art

With every word,
every thought,
every action
meant towards

tenderness, he
understood her
little ways and
loved deeply.

Such was his art
of healing—
the secret
was the feeling.

// 10 Aug 2019


With each quill picked
he wrote a poem,
scattered pages
sewn into a book.

slowly spreading
it was held and loved:
a flight it took.

// 09 Aug 2019


They painted her
with tails and horns
for the lack of the
color boldness.

// 08 Aug 2019