Every Stroke of Him

I may spend my days
every stroke of him,
every muscle and gesture
in the flesh of my words,
but his soul,
oh this soul, is always
more beautiful in my mind.

// 19 Jul 2020

The First Time

This is not the first time
we have met
and this is not the first time we have
recognized each other.
Like a memory of a very old
recurring dream
you will stroke my brow
for the many first times
and I will touch your cheek
like the many first times.
We will look into each other
and remember
these many first times.
You will relish the scent off my hand
and I will savor the warmth
of your breath
in these many first times.
And for all these days we might have missed
filling this space
with our missing each other, we will be
made whole again
with a single caress
and a thousand remembrances
like the many first times.

// 17 Jul 2020


When the day hangs
heavy upon his bones
I know a tonic
of sunset by a cliff
and snuggling by a fire
can make everything else
seem of little importance.

// 16 Jul 2020


When love exists in my heart
a stranger’s eyes
become a sacred experience.
And when you find one
so dear
you will just know it
and you will know it with a nakedness
of pure emotion.
When my mind is so still
and empty, I can feel without looking
my neighbor’s grief,
I can sense the sorrow of another
like they are my own.
At night
even when they are out of sight
I can feel the stars.
I feel the moon and the cool, black space—
they occupy my heart.
I know one day
everything will belong here.
Everything lost will have been found.

// 15 Jul 2020

Wild Bait

How exquisite his heart
and so well-kept
that only a wild bait
of adventure can pull him out
of his hiding place.

// 14 Jul 2020


An ocean of faceless people
and there you were
unmasked: your nude mouth
quite suddenly
a forbidden territory.
I crossed its vast landscape
like a pilgrim
longing for the sweet sound
of your voice, of words
quenching my ear,
and this lost knowledge
of true love
from a single kiss.
It all came back to me,
the flame of many old dreams
when you were mine—
body, heart, and soul entwined.

// 22 Jun 2020


Nothing else
mesmerized him
like rain.
Until it came relentlessly
day and night
I watched
every trickle and patter
and felt
that all this time
in each and every raindrop
he was never absent.

// 16 May 2020


In a world
that so
stubbornly chooses
apathy, love
is the single
most dangerous act
of rebellion.

// 08 May 2020


Kiss me gently
under this fragile moon.
Whisper in my ear
the sound of the ocean.

// 05 May 2020


Your heart, my darling,
is like a rose,
and there in the center
a hundred seeds,
enough to fill
a thousand rose gardens.
And when you flower, oh,
how love blooms
a million times over.

// 03 Mar 2020

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