Like the swift passage of a train,
we fell into one great passion,
a kind of lurch as we tumbled down
on top of each other, embarrasingly,
like they do in the movies; after the brush
of shoulders, after the side glances
and the missed stations, we were,
as fate mishandled it, awkwardly close,
so close I could breathe your scent,
so close you could feel my heartbeat,
and all and everyone thought we were
together, two lovers who belonged
to different cities, now merged on the
floor, united by braking and by falling.
When we got out, it was already evening;
stars spun and we were so drunk in love.

// 14 Sep 2020

Pale Moonlight

Pale moonlight,
pale this mountain range
of him sleeping in the tent.

Soon the sun
will rise over the peak
of his shoulder.

I stroke his hair
and smile at the gentle breeze,
the rustling of trees.

// 09 Sep 2020

As Shadow

as shadow
eclipses the sun
his love
engulfs my heart

and all these scars
all these pain
from the deep

waters of my soul
to be touched
to be kissed
and wept away

// 06 Sep 2020