How strange it was,
the first kiss,
the first touch,
and how
it lingered on,
poem after poem.

// 23 Feb 2020


As our souls gazed
we were inextricably linked
like sun and stars
in a whole new space
that was entirely ours.

// 20 Feb 2020


I am held and aimed. I go where blood drips.
Usually there is a man. Usually there is love involved.
Unrequited, if not hate unresolved.
I fly iron-tipped, like a hook. I cannot be undone.
I am sent from him: I carry all his love in one instant.
Shot straight from cupid’s bow. I disappear.
And then I am in her heart, piercingly, with a sigh.
She is full of sorrow, now needing somebody, not there.
Who is he? She does not know what she yearns.
She is possessed, with a deep longing and a deep loving.

Now I am deep red, throbbing, and possibly hurting.
I am painfully unmade and missing. Like flowers
without flowering, or sunsets without the sun.
She reaches for me, holed and hollowed.
I echo over places where a beloved used to be.
Her eyes are absent and I am waiting. Forever
is her new concept of identity. She remembers.
She escapes within her heart.
Today, time ticks and she wastes it all, mourning.
Tonight she does not sleep, as she lies in bed feelingly.

// 09 Sep 2019

Come Closer

Waves flung themselves against the blue night
as we sat in the warmed sand of summer.
Between him and me our lips shared
a vintage wine, two bottles gone sooner.

His cheeks flushed, wine whiffed
from his reddened lips, and his voice felt tender.
In between soft whispers of the road life
the waves crashed even louder.

Where my lips left, the bottle met his,
and where his arm fell, mine made room.
The night was deep and conscious
that the sky made space for the rising moon.

And just when all were deeply asleep
I felt the sea wake and the waves even wilder.
He turned to me, so close, that I ran undressing
and he too ran undone as he came in the water.

// 03 Sep 2019

The Last Kiss

In his final moments
I held his hands
rough from all the long drives
we had across the world
and we lingered there
wrinkled with facial lines
from all the smiles
and endless laughter
across the years.
And I looked at him and sighed
for suddenly I was deeply sad
that he will soon be gone
and I started crying
for I too was dying there
clinging onto life
as I clung onto his hands. I said,
“I won’t kiss you one last time, no,
for after your death
I can only die slowly
with the thought of you gone
and I will savor all your absence
until it weakens me to the bone.
And when I pass away I will smile again
for I will be home with you
in our forever, us
lying in the earth next to each other.
Until our next life, until then
we’ll wake with a kiss
and remember all this.”

// 31 Aug 2019

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