Poets In Love

We jump into a poem, a leap of faith,
as new lovers do into a frozen lake.
Then we come alive, hearts quivering:
from broken ice, a wild, fired thing.

// 27 Aug 2019

To Die a Bliss

To die a bliss from a stolen kiss
each day he made and did not miss.
And when apart each stroke I knew—
fingers kissed with our letters too.

// 26 Aug 2019

A Mere Touch

He killed me
little by little
until we
were weakened
to a trembling
that a mere touch
fused us
like soft bones.

// 24 Aug 2019

Let the Ocean

If I were the ocean
I would claim your sadness,
I would take your pain
down my ocean floor.
I would caress your soul
right where it trembles
with a kiss.
I would knead you back
into pure ocean
as I would need you
back with all of me.

// 19 Aug 2019


It’s nature’s little wink
that we are where we need to be,
doing what we need to do,
finding who we need to find.

It’s the “nothing” that changes us,
irreparably and irreversibly,
that too deep and obscure a sign—
that we often miss as it misses us.

// 18 Aug 2019