Near Death Experience

About three weeks ago, I went on a trance for five days and five nights.

AGAIN: The blue beings.

There was this one pair who came down to me and presented in unbelievable art, passion, detail, and wisdom, the story of maya.

In the eastern tradition, this is what's called "the illusion". More specifically, the things that distract us, the fears that keep us from expanding, or simply put, the veil that locks us in the human body.

For a moment I thought I was having what would doctors call a manic attack.

But how it came to me, I was just rendered speechless for five days, for the blue pair was no other than the Hindu gods Krishna and Kali, split from one blue body.

I cried so much by how deep, intricate, and mind-blowing it all was that all I'm left with is an aftershock of awe.

The material world dimmed as they came into my field of vision as expressions of light, explaining visually and theatrically, the dance of the twin flames, the essence of the heiros gamos, the secrets of the soul, the bliss and goodness in the universe, and the unity of all consciousness.

Above all, they showed me the very fabric of divine love and how this keeps everything in the universe (actually multi-universe), including mankind and other multi-dimensional beings on and off earth, in a harmony so complex and so incredibly beautiful and intuitively alive that I wept.

Overnight, a rhythm in my soul arrived and I started writing poetry.

Poetry was alien to me, except for a few required exercises in the university. But I thought I'd capture the whole experience in the months to come, because writing is the fastest and only way I know how to express this. I accepted the facts:

That, like music and art, poetry is the language of the soul.
That wisdom, beauty, and light deserve the same harmonic structure as the stars.
And that I am, in the simplest and oldest sense of the word, inspired.

Death, when it came to me, had a blow of pain, but that was that. The gods asked me to surrender completely my mind, this human field of thought, that's swept up so many untrue beliefs about life, death, the soul, everything, from the moment we were born.

And then I understood: That death is not real. That fear is not real. That the afterlife actually is too good to be true.

I feel deeply indebted to these blue beings whom I initially dishonored. Thank you for teaching me the truth. Everything I need to know I have become.

Wherever I am, I am on the right path after all.

// 23 May 2019