Rainy Sunday in the Jungle

Still on month 11 of traveling solo. The first 10 months of backpacking in the Philippines was just a dry run. I thought, if I can do that without much of a problem, I can do it in Asia. And if I can do it in Asia, I can do it in the neighboring continent. And if I can do that, I can do it anywhere else, like Mars.XD It's this little girl's dream come true: to write books, travel the world, absorb strange cultures, and just go with the flowww. That's the Tao Te Ching of living the dream. My dream, anyway.

It's just been a week since I got here in Cambodia. After exploring the temple ruins of Siem Ream I headed south to Kep, an old French colonist beach town with easy access to outdoor trails, coastal places, and islands. I still have bouts of anxiety, because my host is not Khmer (Cambodian), but French. I am adjusting constantly everyday for the past week, alongside juggling travel writing (new book coming out this week! YAYYY!), teaching English, doing yoga, and exploring Kep, not to mention Kep National Park, where I am located. But so far, my host seems to like me that he's extended my stay from two weeks to two months. o.o

I only got here through referral via Reddit, which I am immensely grateful for any question that I have in mind. Initially, I flew to Cambodia with ZERO PLANS just as I did when traveling to any place in the Philippines. But I guess not planning anything in an alien territory is recipe for disaster. Meaning, more expense, more hassle, more time spent figuring things out. (Not everyone here understands English, and I have yet to learn how to hitchhike without the language barrier.) After all, I am outside my home country. Everything is new and unfamiliar that my senses are always traipsing on the edge.

I'm living in a traditional Khmer house for the next couple of weeks.

Other houses in the jungle, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

I don't like traveling too fast. I haven't even digested Siargao yet, and I had to go through Camiguin Island, Cagayan de Oro, Manila, and then Siem Reap, before settling in Kep, Cambodia. All that in just two weeks, I can feel my internal organs rearranging themselves in my belly. Good thing there's Kep National Park where I can easily sneak into to get centered and grounded. The main trail is 8km long, with several benches and some decks overlooking the sea. Other minor trails cut through the interiors, one leading to Sunset Rock, where I am going later this afternoon to watch the sunset.

I feel a little shitty right now to be frank because the weather's terrible. Been raining since this morning and I was planning to bike towards Wat Samathi Pagoda, check out the market and get some oats and beans, and buy some laundry soap. But noooo, what with the rain and cold, I can't bike, can't see the pagoda, can't buy food, can't do my laundry, and maybe can't see the sunset from Sunset Rock. Booo. I'm just moping in the house figuring out how to spend the day. My fingers are crossed that the afternoon is going to get SUNNY. Until then I'm just going to map out a new book to calm down this crazy.

// Nov 2017

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