Sunset in Coron

This one is based on this amateur watercolor painting.


You are this scented scene, scented
with the smell of the salt sea.
Without you here, the fragrance
of this place would mean nothing to me.

We sit upon a rock on this quiet hill
as I retire a cold cheek on your shoulder.
How my mind winds down into silence here
with your presence a breath close to me.

And what would be more gentle, your soft eyes,
the cool wind that slowly encloses around us,
or your voice? In the pauses, in secrecy,
my soul is making love with you–patiently.

I will remember you like this, when the sun sinks
inside this memory of us and sets us alight,
like how you consume me until I am nothing,
until we fade into the blood sky, the deep night.

// 29 Jun 2019

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