The Last Kiss

In his final moments
I held his hands
rough from all the long drives
we had across the world
and we lingered there
wrinkled with facial lines
from all the smiles
and endless laughter
across the years.
And I looked at him and sighed
for suddenly I was deeply sad
that he will soon be gone
and I started crying
for I too was dying there
clinging onto life
as I clung onto his hands. I said,
“I won’t kiss you one last time, no,
for after your death
I can only die slowly
with the thought of you gone
and I will savor all your absence
until it weakens me to the bone.
And when I pass away I will smile again
for I will be home with you
in our forever, us
lying in the earth next to each other.
Until our next life, until then
we’ll wake with a kiss
and remember all this.”

// 31 Aug 2019

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