Earth Is Not Dying

Nopes, she's not.

She's just going through some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder. Like a lady who's just given birth and she has to give her all to the baby. Whether she wants the baby or not.

In this case, earth gave birth to a monster. The monster that is consumerism. (Correct me if I am wrong.) But methinks the obsession to the material has blurred out the sacred aspect of being here on this planet.

To be here, of course, is not to be corrupt, but selfish.

Before we came here our souls decided to be material. To experience the highest expression of love in texture and form and music that it cuts groves in the flesh of memory.

Soul is memory but more like a sophisticated and intuitive software. That can be cleared and coded with a little manuscript. Everything is so simple and yet so complicated.

And yet love anchors everything to an order. Divine order. It transmutes everything from profane to a whiteness. Purity. Bliss.

I know this 'cos I've experienced it. Most times I feel this robe of energy around me, especially after doing yoga; it's so subtle it's like a mood with five-dimensions of content.

There are colors and blobs (white, black, transparent) and each of these are packets of information.

When I'm in deep meditation, vipassana, I touch these things with my mind, tuned into unconditional love, so I can read them without judgment. Without that sort of love, unconditional, the information is inaccessible or distorted.

The same goes with nature. Everything hidden is laid out before us in broad daylight. Look deeply and all is oneness. We're part of it, in a supernatural way.

All the secret order here is wired with the most exquisite design of godliness, spaciousness, simplicity. I've never experienced anything more profound.

SO ANYWAY. So much darkness is spreading all over cyberspace, like how the earth is perpetually collapsing, what with the three-week unstoppable fire in the Amazon and everything.

But I think there is a secret trapdoor out of this madness. Here are some things I've done that worked for me:

  1. Anchor to the soul. What's your energy signature? Everything else is irrelevant.
  2. Simplify. Minimize to the bare bones. But not to the point of starvation.
  3. Consider plant-based. The animal production industry is the #1 poison of the planet. (It's murdering the Amazon.)
  4. Meditate. Empty your mind until all is transmuted. We are alchemists.
  5. Feed your soul with light. Nature. Sweet awesome goodness that makes you weep.

I just needed to turn my thoughts into gold and everything else is affected. It's a selfless selfish act.

All is one being. One tiny change affects everything, spread out into the far future. It's pretty kool to know everything that exists out there is already inside us. Just imagine and things come true like magic.

Now I've got a bit of a problem.

I need to leave my country and surrender myself again to a life on the road. For some reason, something's stuck in me and I can't leave. I don't know what's up with this.

I need to continue my quest, see all the timeless spaces of my wonderful planet, and fall in love again with everything.

The road is life. There lies all I've been meaning to find. I just need my ignition.

// 24 Aug 2019