Your heart, my darling,
is like a rose,
and there in the center
a hundred seeds,
enough to fill
a thousand rose gardens.
And when you flower, oh,
how love blooms
a million times over.

// 03 Mar 2020


Not one man
can steal a heart so swiftly
with such talent as this one does.

// 28 Feb 2020


Everything passes,
be it beauty or madness.
But to feel young—
God, to feel young is eternal.

// 25 Feb 2020


He was the one who
took me out in the sun,
on his big black bike
and the never-ending roads
into the great unknown
that was here and now.

// 25 Feb 2020


I didn’t know
what it truly meant
to be present
until love stayed
and I
was no longer there.

// 24 Feb 2020