An ocean of faceless people
and there you were
unmasked: your nude mouth
quite suddenly
a forbidden territory.
I crossed its vast landscape
like a pilgrim
longing for the sweet sound
of your voice, of words
quenching my ear,
and this lost knowledge
of true love
from a single kiss.
It all came back to me,
the flame of many old dreams
when you were mine —
body, heart, and soul entwined.

// 22 Jun 2020


Nothing else
mesmerized him
like rain.
Until it came relentlessly
day and night
I watched
every trickle and patter
and felt
that all this time
in each and every raindrop
he was never absent.

// 16 May 2020


In a world
that so
stubbornly chooses
apathy, love
is the single
most dangerous act
of rebellion.

// 08 May 2020


Kiss me gently
under this fragile moon.
Whisper in my ear
the sound of the ocean.

// 05 May 2020


Your heart, my darling,
is like a rose,
and there in the center
a hundred seeds,
enough to fill
a thousand rose gardens.
And when you flower, oh,
how love blooms
a million times over.

// 03 Mar 2020

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