My Pot-Driven Life

I could use a short story with that title.

So: August is for fresh starts. Just started a new job, one of those lousy writing jobs in this age of unreliable information revolution. The internet. This multimedia deep space of rubbish, human culture artifacts.

Another thing: I've started writing a novel.

I'm on the fourth chapter now. I don't hell care if it fails or makes a sale--what difference does it make? But if it will maybe make me filthy rich then my food scarcity problem would be settled and over with. Then I'd read and write forever. That's my master plan: to waste the remaining two-thirds of my already wasted life.

The novel's working title is Darkly Collective, with an anti-heroine named Shyla Paraiso. It's inspired by my college lover Charles Bukowski. Whatever the novel is going to end up into, an anti-novel maybe, wordgasm doesn't give a damn.

// Aug 2014