Night by the Rooftop

It was one of those ordinary days
they stayed up all night by the rooftop
with nothing but a blanket,
a bottle of rum,
and a gorgeous view
of the city illumined by the moon.
How childlike they were now
in their sleep,
innocent and defenseless,
soft and borderless
the way they tangled in their dreams
and in each other’s arms.
Even the first glimmers
of sunlight smile
for there was nothing more beautiful
than two lovers with closed eyes
their skin held together
for the longer
beneath warm blankets.

// 29 Sep 2020

Follow Me

I swim in the river and your love emerges around me.
Little pool, clear with fish and cool
as the stones beneath my feet,
do not be afraid of me
for the eternal waters that reside in me
are eternal within you. Follow me to the riverbanks,
barefooted, wherever I may go, follow me,
above the fallen tree trunks and over boulders
that resist your flowing, come follow me.
Rest your worries upon the wind
with every fear dearly felt,
with every tear of softly falling rain
and we’ll let them fall away from every
tall and mighty waterfall.
We’ll take the leap with all our trembling being
and lose our riverness
and lose our being narrowed down.
Let us not be afraid of letting go of our rivered paths
and embrace the kiss, whole
and immersed, when we become pacific ocean.

// 28 Sep 2020

Hot Chocolate

When the day begins
I think of you
with every swirl of a teaspoon
in a cup of hot chocolate
spiced with your cayenne temper
and cinnamon charm
a drink I raise
like an answered prayer to my lips.

// 25 Sep 2020

The Redwoods

He was a sapling when he woke:
oh, he grew too fast, a giant redwood tree
among a forest of redwoods.
When the blades came
men looked up as he stretched into the sky.
And he let them chop him
for he bore no hands to stop them.
From his planks
they made beautiful homes
and carved furniture,
while he was left with but a wound,
his death-rings facing the sun,
exposing the seasons,
the hurricanes, and the wildfires
he had endured.
He would have to learn to accept it,
as such was his fate.
And of his scraps
and barks and branches,
let us make a bonfire, raging into the night.
And of this fire, we’ll warm ourselves
and tell our stories
of the blades that fell us,
as I lay my head on his lap
and look up into the eyes
of the one who stood tall among them all.

// 23 Sep 2020


Like the swift passage of a train,
we fell into one great passion,
a kind of lurch as we tumbled down
on top of each other, embarrasingly,
like they do in the movies; after the brush
of shoulders, after the side glances
and the missed stations, we were,
as fate mishandled it, awkwardly close,
so close I could breathe your scent,
so close you could feel my heartbeat,
and all and everyone thought we were
together, two lovers who belonged
to different cities, now merged on the
floor, united by braking and by falling.
When we got out, it was already evening;
stars spun and we were so drunk in love.

// 14 Sep 2020