It is a blessing, you see, this water, it is life.
It rains from the clouds down into the mountains,
collected into waterfalls and streams and dams.
It nourishes all just as you do your words:
You have tapped the source of all nourishment,
for it is the one who gives to all that blesses the land.
Don’t grieve for your abundance; celebrate
that you are fountainhead, dear ocean.
Water flows from your heart and courses
its many ways to the roots of more trees.

// 07 Apr 2021


My soul is bewildered by your arrival.
The fire in your mind rages with the fire in mine,
and our generous hearts quench our hunger.
Together we are a feast of two long-lost souls.

And so I write my love in this paperfold
winged into a large white bird that only sings
and soars across a distance and into your chest.
Let my words fill you the same as you fill me.

What fire you’ve lit cannot be undone in me.
I am lost within your wilderness as I dance
to your flames. So long as we are alive, we are
forged as one lovesong, one fire, and one light.

// 07 Apr 2021

Thank You, Grace

There are mountains to our faith.
I know however we want our desires fulfilled,
a higher order has been made

to justify our living. Life is a miracle
of nature’s design, within the one soul
of all creation. And I bask in its loving embrace

to hear this one voice that I feel so strongly
inseparable from mine.
There is no climb too steep to those

who dwell in the right path, for all paths
are made easy, in delight and in joy,
when you walk it with the right person.

// 07 Apr 2021

When I Found You

When I found you, there was only that unspoken word
that said I need you in my life. Every move we’ve made
stretched on into forever and I wanted to sink myself
in the endless remaking of our moments, in your arms.

There is no need for me to run now, my love. My pain
has lapsed by the sentence of your words, slayed
in the safety and the gentle ease of your love.
I laugh at your tenderness: Let me be your only desire.

Tell me I am your forever, too. For I rest my mind
in my forever with you. Our long days will be forever
short, so short there is only our endless now. Endless
as our dying days together, as we are old, so we are young.

// 06 Apr 2021


Ah, Moon,
how perfect you are,

with sunbeams
and crowded with stars.
You pull me

to the center of your gravity
and I rise
like the first stem

of a rosebud: words bloom,
into the heart of all things.

As moonlight
illumines the soul, and so your love

the ecstasy of all creation.
The earth is moved
to the arc of your passing, bathing

my skin, so softly,
in the light of heaven.

// 30 Mar 2021