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In the Silences

There is no pain we would so endure alone:
O, wounded soul,
open your heart where you will find me.
Let your wound be my wound

for I have carried death already in my body.
Close your eyes and feel me close
in this darkness: I am here
just as you are, softly and warmly,

loving your sorrow as my own. Brace me here
next to your chest, where your breath
is my breath.
Through tears and through death,

we’ll carry through, together.
Out of this dark
something beautiful is about to be born.
And for sure, my love, it will outlive us.

// 16 Apr 2021

Starry Night

One of these darkest nights
brings the brightest of stars.
In the starlight, I can make out
an outline of you, your strong
jaw and shoulders, the glint
in your eyes. Your presence
is all that matters now. I’ll
rest my head upon your chest.
We’ll let the wind embrace us
into one memory, where time
and affection are all we have.

// 15 Apr 2021

His Love Is Beyond Skin-Deep

His love is beyond skin-deep:
All the memories in our souls we keep
where our laughter and our tears sleep—
let me in your dreams, let me not weep.

For all the love I kept I try to stay.
In my letting go it’s hard to say,
how I love you secretly in that intimate way,
where you are always in my heart everyday.

Only fools need to change the way things are,
for these scars in our souls won’t melt away.
Only love can burn us up until we are
nothing but cinders in the light of day.

// 14 Apr 2021

Bright Sunshine

Bright sunshine,
that’s what you are to me.
You are truth in the flame
and gold in the light.
There is nothing you speak
that does not illumine me.
With you I remember
the whole of I am; you are
like me. If only you like me too.

// 13 Apr 2021

Sunset Glow

A gold flame
pours across my skin
as I bask

in the language of the sun.
Your love surrounds me
like sunlight

and fills all throughout my days.
These are the days
that I dance

to the rise and fall of your fire.
My soul glows
from your stolen glances

and I burn
as I reach for you
in the madness of my falling.

Together let’s run away
to the horizon, where the sunset
never ends.

// 12 Apr 2021