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Poems // Wordgasm.


His love
was a great myth
he built
inside my head—

a serenade
of the stars,
a promise
of forever,

only to steal
my heart
and leave me
a ruin.

// 04 May 2021

To Hold You Like Soft Fire

I wanted to hold you
as if you were
soft fire, as you laid your head
upon my thighs
and you read to me your favorite
poems. Only your tender voice
filled my evening
as it burned
in the quiet of my soul.

I wanted to hold you as if
you were soft fire,
one that smolders slowly
like affection,
the kind that taught us
how bread was made—
with patience and with soft
kneading. Love fed us
this way and kept loneliness away.

I wanted to hold you
as if you were
soft fire, a memory of home
that I carry inside me,
for wherever we went, whether
we were together or apart,
home stayed,
a warm feeling of being
in the love we made.

// 24 Apr 2021

The Only Poem

I wanted you to be the only poem
a love artfully made
that you live

beyond a thousand dreams.
To know you
I would carve beauty

from every detail of your soul.
Until all of you are stars,
until all of you are suns and moons,

and I spill all your light onto a page,
glowing like a galaxy
of rubies: as the soul I so adore.

// 19 Apr 2021


I dreamed I was a cherry blossom
sighing from a beautiful tree,
missing what I didn’t know
that whom was missing from me.

And then came a lovely bee,
striped black and yellow, singing.
He landed on my velvet bed
and kissed me with a sweet stinging.

Night and day our dark love grew
as if heaven forged it in our dreams.
And so I flowered by a dozen branches;
it was he I was missing it seems.

// 18 Apr 2021


Darling, we are dying to feel alive.
Come sit by me in the sun
and eat a piece of bread with mango jam.
We’ll drink our coffee
and talk about all the things we love—
the funny dreams we had
upon waking, the stories we plan to write,
and the pasta we dare cook again
with a splash of wine.
We’ll rest easy on our worries
and spend our days as tenderly as we wish:
filled with love and hope,
daring each other to feel more,
to live more, as the glory of our youth.

// 17 Apr 2021