I love you

in a distance
where your pain
can’t hurt me

in silence
when words
are not enough

when my today
isn’t meant for you

// 14 Feb 2021

Her Body Is My Compass

She is all womb: creator
of men and beasts.

All my curses
are filled with her laughter.

All my scars
are blessed with her salt tears.

And my deaths?
Her rebirths

into new oceans, new currents,
new spinning storms.

One day I am born
a new face upon the earth.

Another day I am snowfall
burying a whole continent.

All is alive
even in my deep sleeping.

She dreams me into life
with her every birthing.

If all were a womb
she is the mystery designer.

And if the world had a body
it would have breasts and wide hips.

// 09 Feb 2021

A Little Distance

I will not go too far away, for then
I would look back and may not find you
and I would seek you among a crowd of faces
until my eyes kisses your eyes.

I cannot go too far away, for then
you would be too far away from me too
and my arms would miss your arms
that my soul would long only to envelop you.

I don’t want to go too far away, for then
you may not come in search of me
and I would have to stand still and fade
so quietly, until you rush to kiss me.

Just a little distance I would leave behind,
maybe three steps away, or as far away as a
forehead kiss, enough to feel you close, so often,
and always, that our souls won’t ever be apart.

// 16 Nov 2020