Worst Island Tour Ever

There are a million things we can do in the world.

And relocating in El Nido was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

I met two new island folks — DJ Couscous and an acroyoga coach named Eugene.

We went on this guy’s partyboat, on the worst and least booked island tour.

The boat was a double decker, where you can jump into the water from the upper deck.

And the islands we went to were the least crowded.

But we saw the same gorgeous limestone islands of Bacuit Bay.

It wasn’t just the islands we wanted to see, or the ocean to swim in.

It was the DJ’s music we went here for, along with the growing expat community.

And his music played all day like we were in a beach club.

I met Eugene at a hostel one hour before the tour.

He was the first to speak to me and he asked, “How did you feel about love this morning?” What a pick-up line. Lol

When he said he was a yoga teacher I asked him to join me on a partyboat tour.

Others were skeptical about what we were doing on the side of the boat.

But we all had fun eventually, with some guys and gals also trying acroyoga.

None of these people practiced yoga, but Eugene was solid on his groundwork. Even with his recent motorbike injuries.

The sun was about to set and the music was getting even better.

When the day ended, it was the worst island tour ever, but DJ Couscous made it the best one for sure.

// 08 Feb 2024