My heart leapt a beat
at the sound of his name—
like that first jump
from a cliff to the sea
on a ripe summer day and we
couldn’t get enough of the high
of the very first try.

// 02 Aug 2020


I ran my hand
across the cathedral stone
and walked up a spiral staircase
where this large window
framed this lost man
in the cobbled streets below
looking for the love of his old heart.

// 30 Jul 2020


Our essence is like a seed.
It roots
deep into the earth,
bursts with a faint leaf, and rises
in search of air
and light.
Time passes
and then quite suddenly
we bloom
like a wildflower—
in full color, fragrance, and brilliance.

// 25 Jul 2020


You watch me in my sleep,
I watch you in my dreams
as the stars watch over us.

// 23 Jul 2020

All I Need

He is the only one I need—
my bread and my breath,
my blood and my fire.
As insanity takes the hold of me,
life without him would be
twice the madness.

// 21 Jul 2020