Light of Dusk

just when the light of dusk
settles by the windows
and the skies are made aflame
music fills our house
and the smell of good food
wafts by from the kitchen door
and you and me slow dancing
with our aprons on
and all of our days are made slow
and all of our nights made slower
with you and me and our little world
two silhouettes closely held
against the dusk

// 16 Mar 2021

To Wine and To Love

Blood is drained from the color of my face
like wine emptied from a glass.
My lover drinks my pain away as pleasure

tints the sweetness of his lips.
How bold he is in his delight, trusting
that the knowledge of my heart is his heart.

And like a blood pact we drink
for pleasure is ever made sweeter
when drank from the same glass of wine.

// 15 Mar 2021

Darling, Let’s Stay Like This

Love enters our eyes
and sees our naked souls.
Darling, let’s stay like this.

Love enters our fingertips
and kindles our every touch.
Darling, let’s stay like this.

Love enters our words
and entwines our every speech.
Darling, let’s stay like this.

Love enters our hearts
and heals us with a bliss.
Darling, let’s stay like this.

Love enters our lips
and seals us with a kiss.
Darling, let’s stay like this.

// 14 Mar 2021

An Artist's Dream

I am asleep in his bed of dreams
woven with stars and clouds and winds
aswirl across the night, a sight
filled with light, moonlight, and starlight.
And when he comes to this bed of dreams
and sings a poem that paints and gleams,
how angels weep with tears so bright
left upon my cheek, for him I smile tonight.

// 11 Mar 2021

A Woman

A woman
who loves herself
teaches every man
how to love
every woman.

Happy Women’s Day!

// 08 Mar 2021